Dane, Grey's Anatomy, Eric

I don't have wings.

To fly with me won't be easy.

Is it Her? (2/?)
Dane, Grey's Anatomy, Eric
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Is it Her? (1/?)
Dane, Grey's Anatomy, Eric
 Kinda based on this prompt at the Glee Angst Meme. Basically Lea tells Dianna about some woman she was madly in love with and Idina comes and Dianna is a little insecure and thinks it's her.

My first RPF and my first Glee fic.

Rating: PG-13

“So there was this older woman at one point. Me and her were great together. We had this…this amazing chemistry.”
“Who was it?” Dianna questioned her girlfriend as they took a break from filming. The two had started talking about past lovers. Dianna snuggled under Lea, while the shorter woman ran her hands through the blonde’s hair.
“Oh, someone I met while on Broadway,” Lea responded, being pointedly vague.
Dianna turned around to look up at Lea with a stare.
“Well I kinda figured, but who was she? And how long ago was this?”
Lea grinned, “Are you jealous?” She asked while trying to pull Dianna back into her former position, although Dianna was trying to put some distance in between them. She pushed Lea lightly, stood up and turned to face the smaller woman.
“Not jealous…well maybe a little. Just want to know her name.” Dianna said with an even glare. She was starting to wonder why Lea didn’t want her to know who this person was. She knew that Lea was a very lovable person, but their relationship was still fairly new and she wasn’t 100% sure how serious this was, or what she really meant to the brunette. She hated feeling this way, but she couldn’t help it. Seeing the diva interact with other people basically the same way she interacted with her (touchy-feely, standing extra close, staring at them like they were the only person in the world while they talked) made her feel inconsequential often, but when it was just her and her roommate/girlfriend, things were great. As this went through her head, her emotions flashed across her features.
Lea, sensing that Dianna was upset, got up to take her mind off of the subject at hand.
“What’s the big deal?” She got up off the couch and walked towards Dianna.
“Babe, it doesn’t matter who she is, because right now, I’m with you.” With that, she reached the blonde and pulled her to her and met their lips in a soft kiss. Dianna needed that reassurance, but was still a little perturbed by the fact that Lea wouldn’t tell her this woman’s name, that coupled with the fact that they she’d been entirely honest and forthcoming when it had been her turn to share.
Lea’s soft, sensuous kisses were slowly washing away all doubts about her relationship with the diva.
“So what happened?”
“Well, apparently she was married to one of her co-stars, and somehow I didn’t know. So she broke it off when things were starting to get serious.” Lea moved her hands slowly down Dianna’s stomach. She tilted her head and began sucking on her pulse point.
“Again, I just want to know her name.” Dianna said trying futilely to not give into the wonderful sensations Lea was so adept at evoking.
Lea’s reached the other woman’s skirt and she started to reach her hand past the waistband.
Suddenly Dianna pushed her away.
“Honestly, Lea, you think sex is the answer to all life’s problems. Look…I—“


“Lea, you’re needed on set in 15.”
When Lea made no movement to get ready to go, Dianna pushed her slightly,
“You have to go.” Still not moving, Lea responded smirking,
“Yea but there’s a lot that can happen in 15 minutes.”
Dianna stood resolute, “And I’m a little upset that you were carrying on a relationship with her while she was married. That’s ok with you? Being a home wrecker?” Dianna was starting to get a little worked up.
Lea backed off. “I told you, I didn’t know. Had I known…”
“Would you have stopped it if you did know?” Lea looked at the ground.
“So I take it as a no. You can go now, I don’t know if I can stand to be around you right now.”
Lea looked at her, “But it was…different. She was my whole world. When she broke it off, I didn’t know what to do. But you don’t have to worry about her anymore because she’s in New York, still on Broadway.” Lea tentatively reached to pull her in for a comforting hug and this time Dianna didn’t pull away.
Lea murmured on her shoulder, “I’ve gotta go. I’ll see you later at home.”
She then pulled out of the embrace and walked out the trailer.

In the Night
Dane, Grey's Anatomy, Eric
A/N: This is my first finished fic in a while.  Please comment and let me know what you think

Ugh, she sighs as she turns over for the umpteenth time. Sleep is not coming to her. The heater is usually a backdrop of noise so that she can fall asleep. And to think she used to not be able to go to sleep without some loud pop song blasting in her ears. Oh, well, with age comes limitations.
The door to her basement room is closed against any would-be ghosts or predators. The combination of the closed door and the heater going for over three hours in the not-so-large space is enough to make the room feel like the middle of July. And she has on a blanket…And pants…And socks. But, to be fair, it was cold when she got into bed. So cold that she didn’t feel the warmth from the portable heater until it overwhelmed her. She can’t fall asleep if she’s hot. Or cold; thus the heater.
The red light from the clock shines dimly on the floor where it sits after it fell off the nightstand. One arm stuck under the pillow, the other along her side. She’s usually a stomach sleeper. Socks hurriedly slid off, because, well, socks keep your feet warm. She knows it’s probably been only a quarter of an hour since she turned the heater off, but doesn’t want to acknowledge the lessening amount of time she has before she has to get up.
The almost-silence is unnerving. The faint snoring emanating rhythmically from upstairs assures her that everyone else is still asleep. She turns her pillow over yet again and closes her eyes…yet again. Light flashes before her eyes and she opens them. Another car driving by. She always thinks someone is watching her, waiting. Why, and for what, she can’t explain.
She stills herself. Looking around for any type of movement.
It sounds like someone’s slightly labored breathing.
Her whole body tenses as she waits to hear it again so she can--
--pinpoint where it’s coming from.
The sound continues for several minutes. There’s no way someone could be in here.
But what could be causing that sound?
All of her muscles are taut with a benign fear. Consciously she knows there is no one there and yet her unconscious can’t reason and relax.
Finally she sees it. The plug-in air freshener on the opposite wall is blowing puffs of scent into the air.
She flings the blanket off and gets out of bed walking over to the other side of the room. Annoyed, now that she can’t sleep and that her fear had started to get the best of her. She yanks the thing out of the wall and its light slowly fades. Satisfied, she stands to go back to her bed. Then she hears it.
A low thudding noise.
She got up to go back to bed and heard it again.
The low thud. She stood ramrod straight. Almost leaning over to hear it again.
Thud, there it was again. She debated whether or not to get back into bed. But realistically she knew she couldn’t go to sleep not knowing. Not entirely sure someone or something was or wasn’t out there.
Someone could have gotten to one of the windows. It's not impossible. She’d done it went she was younger and had forgotten her key. Should she be stupid like the people in the movies? Always going to figure things out but meeting their demise instead. No, she won’t investigate, because logically and rationally, she knows there’s nothing there.
She wanted to figure it out. She needed to sleep. She had to get up in the morning and go to work. She stood for a minute debating. But then,
It spurred her into action. She slowly made her way to the door. She got there and didn’t know what to do. Undecided if she should open it and face her fear or face nothing, perhaps, and stay in the dark and hope she gets some semblance of sleep.
She goes back to the bed, gets in, pulls the covers up, and turns the fan on. It’s hot in there so it won’t get cold. She’ll be able to fall asleep.

Writer's Block: Ready, steady, read
Dane, Grey's Anatomy, Eric
What is the best book you've read this year, and why?

A Thousand Splendid Suns.

It was the best because I loved everything about it. :)  And it was actually one of only a few books I've read this year, due to school and things.

Dane, Grey's Anatomy, Eric
 This is my first post, as I brand new to livejournal.  
It's a poem I wrote, concerning the fact that my mom passed away really early in the morning.  It came to me a couple years ago while I was at work at KB Toys.

Let me know what you think.


Darkness is where
You think
That life should be taken
The breath stolen
The nightmares come to life.
Nighttime is remiss
Of happiness or joy.
So cruel it is to 
Allow someone the
Glimpse of a dawn
Only to snatch
Them away and smuggle
Their souls out.
In their heads 
There was hope;
If you make it
Through the night,
Then comes the dawn
Daybreak, where everything
And everyone is given 
A fresh start.
A trick then, it
Must be to give
Them that beam 
Of sunlight through
The window, the
Night passing
As you dare to 
Breathe your
The day holds promise, hope.
You're jolted from
Your reverie by
The fact that you're
Not allowed to
Partake in the 
Fresh, new, day
Filled with
Untold stories
Unfulfilled dreams 
Unacknowledged regrets.
You're supposed to 
Get at least 
The daylight.
And if daybreak is seen
At least given the 
Courtesy of waiting
'Til the darkness,
Night, to slip away.


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